Prop 8 Lawyer: 'What Could Be More Conservative' Than Gay Marriage?

Ted Olson fought to take down Proposition 8 in California's Supreme Court in 2013, but his campaign for equality isn't ending there. Speaking to HuffPost Live on Thursday, the self-proclaimed conservative explained how gay marriage actually embodies a cadre of values conservatives revere.

"People who love one another want to come together in an enduring, stable relationship to form a family, become a part of the community, become a part of our economy, become a part of our system, and exercise freely their ability to express their love and be a part of all of us," he said. "Now what could be more conservative than that?"

"It's freedom of association. It's privacy. It's spirituality, and it's becoming a part of a community," he continued. "That's a conservative value to me."

While not all conservatives necessarily feel this way -- for some "it's a morality thing," he admitted -- Olson sees social progress being made.

"The culture is changing," he said. "Conservative values are understanding the relationship. The more we think about it, the more we understand. The more we look at it, the more we understand and appreciate this sort of thing."

"So yes, there are some people who continue to believe this is the way society oughta work, and it is wrong morally and spiritually for people to be gay and to behave that way," he added, but even so, "there are changes taking place amongst the religious conservatives."

Watch Ted Olson and David Boies' full conversation with HuffPost Live below:



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