Ted Williams: The Story Behind His Golden Voice

Have you heard the story of Ted Williams?

It's likely that you may have heard the story (and voice) of a homeless man named Ted Williams. His voice is indeed amazing but the story behind his voice, truly shines. Most will focus their attention on the voice and the feel good story of second chances but if we listen to his story -- in his own words -- we'll hear the story of redemption and of a God who is still speaking to the world today.

While his story is unique, it also has a common thread that can be understood by all: we've all been down and out in some way or another.

A few years ago, he was strung out on drugs & alcohol and living out on the streets.

Even a few days ago, he was homeless and simply looking for a break.

And then this video was filmed and was uploaded on January 3. At the time this post got published, it had recorded 11 million views and counting.

You've heard his voice...

Now, listen to his story ... in his own words.

Just take 6 minutes to watch this video. It's pretty amazing. He speaks of 2010 -- while perceived by most as another wasted year -- as the most significant year of his life as this was the year he encountered God.

Stories of redemption & encountering God never grow old.

They are the most beautiful stories.

I love this story -- maybe even more than the story of Susan Boyle -- because it gives a face and a story to many who are homeless.

So many nuggets of wisdom and life lessons, no?

  • We're cruel and unfair when we paint everyone who are down and out with a broad stroke or the mere description of 'homeless.'

  • We all have a story and a voice.
  • We are created in the image of God. We are loved by God. This -- in essence -- is the definition of human dignity. Indeed, the Gospel matters ...
  • And as we feel all tingly and mushy inside, know that when the media frenzy fades away: There are anywhere from 700,000 to 2 million homeless Americans.
  • Everyone needs a break.
  • How about you? What's your takeaway from this story?