This 6-Foot-5-Inch Teddy Bear Is All Legs And It's Freaking People Out

It's unBEARable.

Giant teddy bears are usually super cute and cuddly, but there’s something a little off about this overstuffed toy ― its extraordinarily long legs. 

People are creeped out by a 6-foot-5-inch teddy bear, made by a company called JoyFay. The bear looks basically proportional in most of the photos provided by JoyFay on its website and Amazon profile:

The bear looks pretty normal in the seated position. 
The bear looks pretty normal in the seated position. 

But some Amazon users, who either received the bear as a gift or bought it themselves, were kind of horrified to find out that the bear gets its height mainly from its very long legs: 

Other people who reviewed the bear on Amazon praised the massive size of the toy, but some folks just couldn’t get over those legs. 

“Hideous! The legs are like 4 feet long making the bear look like a creepy gumby thing,” wrote an Amazon reviewer who gave the toy one star. “I got this for Valentine’s Day and would have rather had a cheaper more proportional bear...I mean this isn’t even cute.” 

An individual named K. Erikson accused JoyFay of falsely advertising the height of the bear in a VERY descriptive review from 2016. 

I feel there should have been more emphasis on the lower portion of the teddy bear. The photos mostly show a proportional torso and typically oversized head as is common in large, human-sized teddy bears. Where the emphasis is lacking is in the giant pendulous legs that haunt the lower two thirds of this stuffed freak bear. It appears to be some sort of bipedal giraffe bear hybrid. After we took him out of the box with my daughters, I expected it to hop up and sprint away down the street with a fingerless fist raised in victory. My daughter tries to hug the bear and she gets trapped in a serpentine mass of bear legs. She won’t keep it in her room anymore because her friends won’t visit because of the nightmares. Joyfay should sell some sort of amputation and patch kit for parents that want a more desirable short legged bear.

Nikola Matic, the owner of Joyfay Bears, told HuffPost in a statement that the shape of the bear has been modified.  

“These reviews no longer capture the current bear, and were taken at deceiving angles to make the legs appear longer,” he said. “We stand behind all of our products, and have always abided by our satisfaction guarantee. As a small company based out of Cleveland, OH, it saddens us to see our brand and image tarnished for a few cheap laughs on the internet. We work very hard at pleasing each and every customer, and will continue to do so.”