Yes, Teddy Perkins From 'Atlanta' Was Sitting Front Row At The Emmys

The homicidal, Michael Jackson-esque character hugged Bill Hader at the ceremony.

Eagle-eyed “Atlanta” fans on Twitter went wild after spotting none other than Teddy Perkins sitting front row at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

As Bill Hader went up to the stage to receive his Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, he leaned over to give a hug to none other than Perkins.

If you watch “Atlanta,” you’ve likely had nightmares every single night since the Hiro Murai-directed April episode titled “Teddy Perkins” aired. Perkins is a reclusive pop star alongside his brother, Benny Hope, and is “a character bluntly based on Michael Jackson.” Oh, and he’s a murderer.

Donald Glover ― wearing prosthetic whiteface ― plays the role, but it wasn’t immediately clear if he was the one wearing the costume at the Emmys. Some people watching assumed it was Glover, while others theorized it was actually fellow “Atlanta” actor Lakeith Stanfield.

Either way, people on Twitter were freaking out about the cameo.



2018 Emmy Awards Red Carpet