TED X Malibu Will Be Living Out Loud

Many of us have seen TED videos and I have always been moved by the information, the power, intelligence and interesting ideas that entertain and inspire out-of-the-box thinkers. TEDxMalibu will explore what "Living out Loud" means.
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The second Malibu TEDx on December 2nd at the Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue promises to be a fulfilling and unique exploration of "Living Out Loud," with presentations from the heart of creativity, internationally known musicians, composers, singer/songwriters, leaders, visionaries, artists and teachers from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. Not to be missed, TED programs are already known for the most fascinating, unusual honest looks at reality. This one will take us where we all want to go, to LIVE OUT LOUD.

So, what is TEDx? TEDx is an independently organized event, licensed by TED, which combines TEDTalks video, live presenters and attendees as they connect with each other to explore Ideas Worth Spreading. Many of us have seen TED videos and I have always been moved by the information, the power, intelligence and interesting ideas that entertain and inspire out-of-the-box thinkers. TEDxMalibu promises to explore what Living out Loud means through explorations by those who impact, inspire, flourish within their chosen path and dare to live audaciously, OUT LOUD!

The audience will hear from TEDx organizer, Lisa Cypers Kamen, and a super guest line-up exploring Living Out Loud, sharing the power to proactively pursue their dreams with vitality, energy, direction and clarity of vision. TEDx will be the overflow of great ideas and accomplishments on one stage, in one afternoon, from those who are truly making a difference. While stretching the imagination to new vistas, TEDx Malibu promises to be a day of enjoying the "Wow's" of Living Out Loud while bringing the experience of those living it.

What I love about this lineup, is that not only does it include the brilliant award-winning artists, CEO's and heroes, but it also includes those who are doing great service in this world. Musical contributions will enhance the presentations, giving a diverse experience to the audience.

Consider speaker, Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Unbinding the Heart, who presents and inspires discussions that move the heart with the true stories of the upbringing and lessons of a Greek mother, a woman who stood up to the Nazis to protect the Jews hidden at the Red Cross and found every way possible to educate and support her children to be successful in life with profound wisdom.

Also imagine hearing from Greg Louganis, well-known and celebrated Olympic gold winner, the author of Breaking the Surface, and an HIV awareness advocate.

Adam Leipzig will carry us forward into the heart of media. He is a film producer, executive, distributor and current Publisher of Culture Weekly magazine, who is also the former President of National Geographic Films and a former Senior Vice President at Walt Disney Pictures.

If you have seen the CNN Heroes television awards, you will be excited to see

Dr. Benjamin La Brot, the 2012 CNN Hero of the Year Nominee and founder of Floating Doctors. The works of these heroes, celebrated on CNN, have moved me to tears of inspiration and respect for what one person can do.

James Makawa brings us to the beauty and resources of Africa, in pure HD and living color at TEDx Malibu.

David Ari Leon, Bekah Eden, Eric Lumiere and Claire Wineland bring us an award-winning variety of music.

From philanthropy and good works, to foundations that work on "Paying it Forward," a foundation that helps our veterans return to happiness and success, from musicians to the first U.S. National Broadcaster from Africa and founder of Africa HD, a Rabbi speaking on Creative Community, Media experts and Emmy award winning artists, to film, media and the music industry:

Dr. Benjamin La Brot, CNN Hero Nominee 2012 Eric Lumiere, #1 Billboard Airplay Dance Artist/Singer/Songwriter Bekah Eden, Malibu Music Best Upcoming Female Artist, David Ari Leon, award winning and Emmy award winning artist and VP of Music Production at Fox, and the Voice of Life Project, Rabbi Judith Halevy, community spiritual leader, Eric Handler Co-Founder of Positively Positive, James Makawa, national broadcaster and founder of Africa HD, CEO/co-founder of the Africa Channel. Lisa Cypers Kamen, International Happiness Expert and Founder of Harvesting Happiness for (our Nation's) Heroes. These remarkable individuals are just a sample of the many amazing presenters found at TEDxMalibu.com.

For the full list of presenters on Sunday, December 2nd from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., check out the link here at TEDxMalibu. This is a gift to the community, to the audience, to awaken to the beauty of being human, the awe, the human spirit. This inspiration-packed day will instill a new sense of life's journey to anyone who catches this gift and joins in. There are limited seats in this auditorium, so my ticket is in my hands. I won't miss it.

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