Tee-Hee, Lol!

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I never thought I was superstitious. Fridays that fell on the 13th usually ended as a great day. I didn't have triskaidekaphobia- any ill feelings toward the number 13 -- until last year. 2013 is a memorable year for me, because it was filled with family problems, personal issues, working 70 hours a week and grieving my mom's passing.

Every year, on January 1, I like to review the past year and decide on one resolution that I might have the persistence and drive to keep. From looking at photos of myself, I realized that the sparkle in my eyes was gone and I looked ten years older. Then, one day at the movie theater, I was the only one laughing uncontrollably. Wow! Was it that long since I had a good laugh? The stress was taking a toll on my psyche. I'm known for my upbeat, lively personality, but the 'real' Karin Joy was nowhere to be found. I decided it was time to be more playful and laugh, laugh, laugh.

I began by returning to my tradition of reading the comics in the daily newspaper to start off my morning, followed by breakfast and a morning show whose television personalities were vibrant and colorful. Instead of screaming during my ride to work at the rude, obnoxious tailgaters, I would start to laugh at the craziness of their actions. My selection of radio stations on my commute focused on upbeat radio hosts with silly contests and songs for me to sing-a-long. Zany YouTube videos were shared with my coworkers. I strategically placed small toys and puzzles in my office. I even have a bell on my desk for those "kid-at-heart" employees, who have the urge to ring it!

I had been taking myself far too seriously. I began to see the humor in my mishaps and calamities. By pointing out to my friends that I was wearing two different earrings, I brought amusement to their day and mine. At home, I consciously interacted with my husband in a more playful, fun way. My phone conversations with my son switched from complaining to lightheartedness. I made sure I incorporated humorous closings into my texts and emails with the familiar "Tee-hee" or "LOL."

I found it was imperative to my inner self that I select friends who have a zest for life, enjoy spirited conversations and create fun-filled weekends.

Recently, one of my friends recovering from multiple surgeries found humor in her situation and had me 'LOL'! Isn't it ironic that the person who was going through one of the most stressful times in her life, was the one who was making me laugh! Maybe she has seen the movie Patch Adams or has the insight that the more she can laugh throughout the day, the faster she will heal.

So, put your hands on your shoulders, cross your arms, touch your nose with your right index finger... I didn't say, Simon are out! Tee-hee!