Teen Scares The Bejesus Out Of Neighbor With Her 'Creepy Window'

👻 😂

It looked like something supernatural is happening in Kellie Burkhart’s bedroom window.

The high school student from Tennessee told HuffPost that last week her father got a spooked-out message from one of their neighbors on Facebook.

Kellie Burkhart
Kellie Burkhart
Kellie Burkhart/Twitter

“I’m tired of being scared of whatever is in your kid’s creepy window,” the neighbor wrote.

The message seems a little abrasive, but from the neighbor’s perspective, Kellie’s window has looked like this — every night — for the past freakin’ year.


But Kellie had no idea. Because from her perspective, her window looks like this:

Hmm, OK?

Kellie happens to be a big fan of the show “Supernatural.” She really loves the character Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles.

Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

She’s had the cardboard cutout of Dean for a few years, but when the family moved into their current home, she felt like the window was the best spot for her two-dimensional friend.

Though, in retrospect, Kellie kind of understands where her neighbor was coming from.

“I used to be scared of the cutout when I first got it years ago,” she told HuffPost. “So I can totally relate to the neighbor.”

Kellie said that when her dad received the message on Facebook, he called her over and the two had a good laugh about it.

She figured it would make for a pretty funny post, so she decided to tweet her neighbor’s message side-by-side with her cutout of Ackles. The tweet took off and went viral, receiving over 53,000 likes and 33,000 retweets.

People loved it.

And although the accidental joke is pretty killer, Kellie has decided to spare the neighborhood.

“The cutout is still in the same place,” she told HuffPost. “But for the sake of the neighborhood, I closed the blinds!”

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