Teen Arrested After Video Of Him Beating Boy With Autism Goes Viral: Cops (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Teen Arrested After Video Of Vicious Attack On Boy With Autism Emerges

Two people have been arrested after a vicious beating of a child with autism went viral.

Andrew Wheeler, 18, was arrested last week for allegedly beating 16-year-old Aaron Hill at a party in Okeechobee, Florida last Friday, according to WPTV.

GRAPHIC video of the beating is above. A man who police say is Wheeler can be seen punching and kicking Hill -- who is on the autism spectrum -- while the teen covers his head to protect himself from the attack.

At one point Wheeler drags Hill by his hair across the floor.

In a statement to police, Hill said Wheeler choked him for so long that he passed out and, when he came to, Wheeler was pummeling him.

WPTV has more on Wheeler's side of the story:

Wheeler [told police] he received a call that there was "a drunk guy" at a party and he wouldn't leave. He says he drove to the residence and went inside to take that person home. After walking outside to answer his phone, Wheeler went back inside and said he was told that the teen was punching and pushing another person.

Wheeler claims when he attempted to take the teen outside he tried to strike Wheeler.

Evadean Lydecker Dailey was also arrested in connection with the party. She is accused of giving the teens at the party alcohol, according to WPBF.

Outrage over the video spread quickly and sprouted the Facebook group and hashtag #JusticeForAaron.

The campaign has attracted the attention of tens of thousands, including celebrities like Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.

In a follow up report, WPTV says Wheeler's family now fears for their lives.

"My daughters have come to stay with me because we are afraid," Wheeler's grandmother, who declined to have her name published, told the station. "They are putting our addresses and names and everything on Facebook and people are saying they are going to kill our family."

Wheeler's grandmother also said the family has decided not to bail him out of jail because they're worried someone will try to hurt him.

"He would never target a child with autism...he wrote an apology letter to the boy and his mother and turned himself in," the grandmother said.

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