Where You See A Fork Or A Pasta Noodle, This Teen Sees His Next Work Of Art

Where You See A Fork Or A Pasta Noodle, This Teen Sees His Next Work Of Art

Most people probably wouldn't see much creative potential in a comb, a gum wrapper or a pasta noodle. But Kristián Mensa sees his next work of art. The 17-year-old's Instagram account, @mr.kriss, caught the eye of Elite Daily -- and it's not hard to see why.

For starters, take a look at his iPhone, transformed into a pool:

Born in the Czech Republic, Kristián now goes to school in Colorado. In an email to The Huffington Post, the teen said that he started drawing when he was seven, and he's had a unique perspective from the get-go: "I've always liked to make my own rules and I didn't like being told what I should or shouldn't draw."

Every day, he sits down with a blank sheet of paper and lets his imagination run wild. Next thing you know, he's turned a fork into a convincing prison cell:

Kristián couples hand drawings with iPhone photography. He's most inspired by "little and often 'not interesting' things" and enjoys "giving those things new meaning." For example, take his whimsical use of bow-tie pasta noodles:

Kristián's happiest when his drawings "make his friends smile." This dinosaur teapot probably does the trick:

Kristián's advice to aspiring artists is simple: "Turn off your phone on your way from work or school and look up!" Here, he reinvents a hair comb into a seat for the "exhausted yogi" in his sketchbook:

While here, a Wrigley gum wrapper doubles as a mattress:

To see the rest of Kristián's art, check out his Instagram.

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