Teen Chaz Rorick Impersonates Every U.S. President On Instagram

Teen Impersonates Every President On Instagram

The kid must be a demon in history class.

Chaz Rorick, a high school student from Rochester, N.Y., impersonated all 44 U.S. Presidents and posted selfies of his efforts on Instagram.

We think Rorick did a better job, in many cases, with the commanders in chief of yore. Dig that Thomas Jefferson and William Henry Harrison.

Rorick told Mashable he began the project when he saw a documentary about President Truman and took a picture of himself in a similar outfit to compare with the 33rd president. He then was inspired to do them all.

We've used our executive powers to post some of our favorites below. You can check out the rest on his Instagram and use the Comments section below to register a vote for your favorite. Don't just stick to party lines, OK?


(William Henry Harrison)

(Andrew Johnson)

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