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Teen Chin Implants: More Teenagers Are Seeking Plastic Surgery Before Prom (VIDEO)

Prom season is upon us again and high school girls are busying themselves to prepare for the epic annual event. But picking a dress, scheduling salon appointments and finding a limo aren't the only preparations in order.

With chin augmentation on the rise, more and more teenagers are seeking chin implants, or chinplants, before prom.

Darrick Antell, a spokesman for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, explained that this recent trend among teens has contributed to the 71 percent increase in the cosmetic surgery in 2011.

"At proms in the past, teens would line up for photographs and face the camera. But the rise of more informal images, captured during video chats or by smartphones when they are leaning over a buffet maybe, has shown them angles of their face they had not seen in a mirror," Antell told the Sunday Times.

American families pay a staggering $1,078 on average for prom preparations, from the prom ticket to the limo to the dress. However, that figure does not take into account the plastic surgeries that some teens are opting for in anticipation of the big day and the summer events to follow.

According to Antell, the 45-minute "chinplant" costs between $3,500 and $7,500 -- at least three times what most families spend on prom, but considerably less than the most expensive prom dress at a whopping $13,997.

Along with the chin implants, many teenage girls are also having surgery to pin back prominent ears for updos, what Antell informally calls "Clark Gable wings." Ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, runs about the same price as chin augmentation procedures.

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