Jon Jungkind, Teacher, Accused of Getting Teen Pregnant, Buying Her Abortion Pills (VIDEO)

Jon Jungkind faces two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct after a teenager testified Thursday that the Michigan high school teacher impregnated her and bought her abortion pills, WOOD TV reports.

The hearing was held Thursday in Grand Rapids Township where Judge Sara Smolenski determined there was enough probable cause to confirm Jungkind and the teen had sex. The case now advances to trial in circuit court.

Jungkind, who is currently on paid leave, was ordered at his arraignment not to live within 10 miles of the school district, and is forbidden from having contact with the 17-year-old student involved, according to a separate report from WOOD TV.

A parent told the station that the teacher and student were known to regularly eat lunch together at a local restaurant, and an unnamed student employee said that it was common to see them together.

"They were hugging and stuff outside," the student employee told WOOD TV. "I don't exactly know what it was, but that was something kind of typical to see... They'd hang out a lot."

The 17-year-old told police the pair had sex twice, once at his home in early August, and a few days later after drinking around a bonfire, the Grand Rapids Press reports.

According to the report, Jungkind's attorney Fil Iorio said they plan to "vigorously" fight the charges with a not guilty plea, and that there are "family and friends" who will vouch for his client's character.

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