Teens Unharmed By Lightning Strike Because They Were Holding Hands. Now That's Electric Love.

Love hurts, they say, but not for this teenage couple.

Dylan and Lexie were walking in Claremont, California, on Thursday when a doctor says the two were likely struck by lightning -- but spared severe pain or injuries because they were holding hands, KCAL-TV reported. 

"It helped to diffuse the electrical current that ran through their bodies,” Stefan Reynoso, a physician at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, explained to the news channel.

The pair was along a tree-lined street on Thursday, when Claremont was experiencing severe thunderstorms.

“Next thing you know, we are on the ground and we gave each other the most terrified looks you could possibly imagine,” Lexie told the news outlet.

Though the chances of being struck by lightning are about 1 in 600,000, strikes injure about a thousand people each year, according to FEMA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Symptoms of being struck by lightning include muscle soreness and a headache, but clear up after a few days.

Dylan described the force to KCAL-TV as  “kind of shove” and “getting hit over the head with metal or something.” but Reynoso reports that the pair is in good health.

The two now say they have “an electric love.” Oh, to be young!

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