Watch This Teen Learn To Draw Like A Disney Artist In Just One Year

Seventeen-year-old Mandy Wang is not your average Instagram user. Instead of selfies and snapshots of sunsets, the California teen shares her amazing colored pencil and watercolor pictures on her account, Lovemandywang -- and we suspect you might recognize some of her favorite portrait subjects:

No big deal, just your "Frozen" girls.

So you might assume that her amazing skills are pure born-with-it talent. But Mandy makes it clear that her drawings would be nothing without lots of hard work. She shared a startling look at how much she improved over the course of one year, through two side-by-side depictions of Rapunzel from "Tangled:"

Seeing her improve THAT much over just one year makes us all want to bust out our old colored pencil sets. Now that she's basically a professional, Mandy's just using her talents to bring you crazy-good depictions of some of you favorite Disney characters:

But if you think her range is limited to cartoon characters, think again. Look at her incredible drawing of J-Law:

And an insanely realistic drawing of Thor:

And she also includes the occasional '90s Disney throwback, like this Pocahontas:

In addition to being super skilled, Mandy's also super generous about sharing her process. She posts lots of awesome time-lapse videos on her YouTube account that explain every step of her work. It's fascinating to watch her art come alive in fast motion. Watch her magical depiction of T-Swift:

Mandy has an online store that's currently under construction. Once it's back up, you can buy her illustrations as phone cases.

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