Teen Fiction: 'I Want To Be Your Boyfriend'

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By LittlePaperArt

1: Chapter 1

It all started two years ago when I was in Year Eight -- the day when I was working on a science project. Her name is Chelsea Jones; blue eyes, blonde and a beautiful smile. We were in the same science class. I was showing everyone my awesome invention, a hat which can keep you cool, the class was amazed at my project until Chelsea shouted out: "Hey science nerd, haven't you heard of the propeller hat?!"

The class burst out laughing. My face went red. I could've killed her for embarrassing me like that but there was a part of me that made me fall for her. Her eyes... they were sky blue, easy to get lost into. I remembered that day as if it was yesterday.

I'm in Year Ten now. My name is Theo Taylor, dark brown hair, brown eyes. I'm not popular at all, in fact I'm sure I'm recognized as a dork -- the only thing missing is glasses and a calculator. 2: Chapter 2

My normal school day would start with me getting shoved into the lockers by half of the people on the school football team. I always told Mum to let me go to school earlier but she didn't want anything to happen to me. This one time I was with my best mates Matt and Junior when I noticed that Chelsea was talking to one of the jerks that pushed me over. Why do most girls tangle a strand of hair around their finger, like they think it's cute?

"I don't know what you see in her, Theo," Junior sighed. "She's just another one of those stuck-up girls."

I ignored that previous comment. Junior hasn't had one good relationship with a girl before; if that doesn't include his mum.

Chelsea laughed at one of the guy's jokes.

"You're so funny Brad!" she giggled.

Man, I wish I was good at jokes, the only thing funny about me is my hair. If I want it to go one way it would go the other way. Brad looked like he didn't even have to try to get his hair in the right position. Chelsea obviously liked him, I don't blame her.

3: Chapter 3

I was at home, working on my science project with Matt. Well, I was practically doing everything, Matt was raiding my fridge.

"There." I smiled. Now this project will not humiliate me. It was a model that showed how a human digests food. "Matt, when I said to pass me a snack I meant one and I didn't tell you to eat anything..."

He put the chocolate gato down. "Sorry but when I'm hungry I just can't help myself. Your mum makes delicious cakes."

He grinned. Matt is my best mate but I have no idea how he can have a girlfriend but I can't. I wrote on a Post-It note in small writing:

No laughing is required.

"Dude, no one will laugh at you, that was two years ago. You didn't know any better!"

I still have that hat. I haven't used it since.

I used a peanut to test my masterpiece. It works! I added my name: By Theo Taylor.

"Awesome, just remember to put my name on that too, okay?"

By: Theo Taylor and Matt Duston.

4: Chapter 4

I promised Mum that I won't get hurt if I go to school 10 minutes early. Well, I had an excuse; I needed to hand my science project in. It was fortunate that I bumped into Chelsea on the way.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" she yelled.

"I... sorry... I-I-" I spluttered.

"What? Who are you?"

I didn't say anything but the post-it note fell off the project. Nice sticking there, Matt.

"Theo? I remember that name from somewhere-"

"No you don't! I mean, I'm new. Kind of."

Chelsea laughed. I made her laugh, yee!

"I'm Chelsea. You remind me of this boy I used to like in Year Eight."

I placed the project on the desk, and then looked confused.

"Tell me more about this boy." I insisted. 5: Chapter 5

She explained the story that I told. She was talking about me.

"I felt bad for embarrassing him." Chelsea sighed. "I wish I could apologize to him."

I grinned. "Year Eight? The 'propeller' hat? Yep, I still have it."

She looked surprised. "It WAS you?! I'm sorry, Theo. Please forgive me?"

"Of course I do. It was two years ago. You didn't know any better did you?"

Chelsea grinned then gave me a hug. I didn't let go for a while. But thanks to the bell, my hug was interrupted.

"I've got to go to class. I'll talk to you later, Theo."

"Bye, Chelsea." I love you.

The good thing about this morning is that Chelsea Jones knows who I am! The bad thing is that I'm late for class... whoops.

6: Chapter 6

Chelsea was at cheerleading practice during lunch and I couldn't help but watch her at the door. What? She said that she'll talk to me later.

I didn't think I'd be waiting for her for half an hour though. But it's cool.

"Hey, Theo. How was the science project?" she asked, politely.

"It went alright. No one laughed." I remarked.

Chelsea blushed. Oh man, I didn't want her to feel bad...

"It's okay. It was only like 10 other people in the room."

She felt relaxed again.

"So do you wanna get something to eat? It's the least I could do after you waited like half an hour."


We went to the cafeteria.

I didn't want her to pay for everything but Chelsea was fine with it.

7: Epilogue

Who would've thought that one month later that I would be dating the most astonishing girl ever? It all happened when we were at the beach and I finally had the courage to ask Chelsea what she liked about me in Year Eight.

"I liked how you didn't care about not being popular," she began, "and your hair is pretty cool."

"But I thought you liked Brad? You laughed at his jokes, hang around with him a lot..." I responded.

"Brad?!" She looked shocked. "He's my brother!"

"Oh. Well this is kind of awkward..."

"I'm glad you're Theo Taylor. I remembered how much I actually liked you."

"How much?"

Chelsea leaned in and kissed me. For a moment I completely forgotten everything. I forgotten that I was that dork who could never get his hair in the right position. I smiled.

"I believe you." * I've met her parents and she's met mine. We were now sitting on the sofa together watching TV with my framed certificate. First place at the science fair for best project -- the human digestive system. Chelsea kissed me on the cheek.

"I knew you could do it." she whispered into my ear. Then at the back of the project the Post-It note fell off again. By Theo Taylor and Matt Duston, next time he comes here he can have all the chocolate cake he wants. I owe him.

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