Teen Fights Off Massive Bird That Snatched Yorkie From Yard

"Get off my dog! Get off my dog!" yelled Cecilia Celis after the bird of prey grabbed her 2-pound pet.

A Las Vegas teen saved her tiny dog on Friday after a hawk swooped into her backyard and attempted to carry off her 2-pound Yorkie puppy, Lulu.

Cecilia Celis told local news station KSNV that she was inside her home making tacos when she heard barking and crying from the yard. She thought her two dogs were probably just playing but looked outside to check on them, just in case. It’s a good thing for Lulu that she did.

“We see a huge bird fly up, and I yell at the bird, ‘Get off my dog! Get off my dog!’” Celis said.

The teenager can be seen in home surveillance footage swatting at the bird with a pillow in an attempt to get it off the small dog. The bird eventually flies away.

“I thought she was gonna die or something, because that’s a big bird compared to her,” Celis told WDSU.

Luckily, Lulu escaped with just a single puncture wound from one of the bird’s talons and is expected to fully recover.

Celis told Fox 5 that her family had thought the backyard was a safe place for her dogs to spend time but now won’t be letting them out without supervision.

As for the bird, Celis and her family believe it was a hawk and noticed that it had torn straps around its legs. That made them think it could have been some sort of escaped pet, though they haven’t had any luck tracking down a possible owner yet.

Coincidentally, a similar incident happened in Texas last month, when construction workers in Austin saw a hawk drop a 1-pound chihuahua puppy from its talons onto the ground. The puppy, now named Tony Hawk, survived the ordeal and was taken into the care of Austin Animal Center.