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Teen Gets Stuck In Vending Machine Allegedly Trying To Steal Soda

A 17-year boy in National City, Calif., learned the hard way that crime doesn't pay after attempting to steal a soda and getting his arm stuck in the vending machine.

On Saturday morning the teen, whose name was not released, allegedly reached inside the receiving slot of the vending machine near a trolley station, according to NBC San Diego. Then, his arm got caught inside and was stuck until a trolley rider saw him trapped and called the police.

Police, firefighters, paramedics and trolley security all arrived on the scene. The firefighters attempted to free the alleged soda-napper using axes, crowbars and an air chisel, reported.

Eventually, the rescue crew cut the lock on the machine door with a rotary saw, freeing the teen. Medics treated the boy for scrapes and soreness to his arm caused by the numerous attempts he made to free himself.

The teen was taken into custody and police said he may be charged with petty theft.

Meanwhile, NBC San Diego reported that the alleged thief never did get the soda.

The incident may be embarrassing and unusual, but not unprecedented.

Last September, a teenage boy in Auckland, N.Z., was "extricated" from the jaws of the Coca-Cola machine after he unsuccessfully tried to steal a can of Coke.

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