80-Year-Old Man Never Got To Attend Prom So His Granddaughter Invited Him To Hers

James Drain never got to attend a high school prom. The 80-year-old Korean War vet reportedly dropped out of school after the eighth grade.

Drain’s granddaughter, Joy Webb, says she wanted to ensure that her grandpa -- whom she lovingly calls “poppa” -- got a chance to attend a prom during his lifetime; so this year, she asked him if he would attend one as her date.

He said "yes."

“I think prom is kind of a big thing for everybody. Most everybody remembers going to their prom and I wanted him to have that experience too,” the 17-year-old from Albertville, Alabama, told the Daily Mail.

Webb reportedly had to ask her school for permission to bring her grandpa to the junior prom, and the principal agreed to make an exception to the 21-and-under age limit.

On Saturday, Webb and her poppa got ready for their big night out. Drain donned a tuxedo -- another first for the octogenarian -- and his granddaughter wore a blue gown.

The duo posed for pictures, had a pre-prom dinner, then went on a horse and carriage ride around town.

Before the dance, the pair was overheard having this exchange:

"I can't wait, can you?" Drain asked his granddaughter, per WHNT.

"No, I can't wait either. I'm so excited. You look so handsome," the teen replied.

Webb told the Daily Mail that she and her grandpa had a “fabulous” time at the prom.

“We were the first ones on the dance floor because my poppa loves to dance,” Webb said, adding that her grandpa used to go dancing with her grandmother all the time before she passed away two years ago.

Joy Webb decided to bring someone very special with her to Albertville's prom -- her grandfather, James Drain. It was...

Posted by Albertville High School on Monday, April 13, 2015

Webb told WHNT that inviting her grandpa to prom was a very “special" experience for her.

“My family is everything to me, and I love him so much, and it’s just like really special to me because I know not many people get to do that," Webb said. "I know he loves me and I love him, and it’s just really neat and special.”