Teen Hailed As Hero For Taking Down Alleged Bully Who Attacked A Legally Blind Student Shares His Message For All Teens

After a fight video went viral of a legally blind high school student in Huntington Beach, CA getting beaten up in school during lunch and another teen stepping in to save him, both boys speak out for the first time together.

"Honestly, I feel like you saved my life," 16-year-old Austin Higley tells Cody Pines, 17, who's being hailed as a hero for taking down the alleged bully.

"I've never been bullied," says Pines, "but I've been friends with kids that have been bullied, and I've known how they've been, that they got really sad after." Sharing his message for other teens in the video above, he adds, "Think about what you're doing whenever you're bullying someone. That's another person's life. If they bullied you, how would you feel, you know? No one needs that. No one needs to be put down or anything like that."

Dr. Phil, who is passionate about putting an end to bullying, sees Pines' act of heroism as a teachable moment. He tells all kids, "If somebody is being bullied, step in and put your arm around their shoulder and say, 'Hey, come on. Hang out over here with us. Sit at our lunch table. Ride home with us. Wait for the bus with us over here.' If the bully understands that's just not cool, and we don't look up to you for that, and you're going to get excluded if you do that, then I guarantee you, they don't get the social currency they think they do."