The Importance of DIY

As a teen, I struggle with identity. Not in a "fake ID" kind of way -- more in an appearance and personality kind of way. I think we all do. As teens, we are constantly trying to make ourselves our ideal person, whether it be by dressing a certain way, or mastering a certain skill, or otherwise. Personally, I like to try out different things to find what suits me best. One of those things is DIY clothes. Recently, I personalized a denim jacket by cutting out a T-shirt design and sewing it to the back of the jacket.

It was... an interesting experience, if not slightly scary. I'm not the best seamstress, I'll be the first to admit, but I really do like having the option to personalize my clothing and change the pieces to my liking. I think it's very important for teens to have the option to express themselves, especially through clothes, because as superficial as it is, your clothes say a lot about you. It's crucial that we exercise our "right to party" so to speak, and try different things, at least while we're young and it's acceptable.

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