Teen Shot In Forehead In Spearfishing Gun Accident Airlifted To Miami Hospital (VIDEO)

As first reported by WSVN7, a teenage boy is recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami after a spearfishing gun was reportedly fired accidentally into his forehead.

Miami-Dade Police told Local 10 that the victim, 16, and his 15-year-old friend were "playing with a spear-gun" when it discharged and impaled the boy in the head.

News footage shows the boy on a stretcher with the long, thin fishing spear sticking out of his forehead. Watch the video above. May not be suitable for all audiences.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said they responded to an emergency call Thursday around 3:30 p.m. at 5230 SW 139th Place in southwest Dade and airlifted the teen to Jackson.

Although a Fire Rescue spokesman was unable to confirm that the victim was conscious during transport, one of the paramedics seems to smile in response to interaction with the teen in the video.

Police told Local 10 no charges are expected to be filed.