Teen Mogul Back at it Again...

Hunter Nelson is a fifteen year-old entrepreneur who has had his own companies since age eight. He recently started a company called, Lobster Taxi. Lobster Taxi ships Live Maine Lobster all over the United States and Canada overnight. Every summer when he travels from the west coast to Maine he is fascinated by and enjoyed eating lobster. Hunter wanted to have a “Maine Lobster Experience” in his hometown.

Lobster Taxi is different from all of its competitors. It offers FREE Overnight Shipping on most orders. The prices are very competitive as well.

When buying “Maine Lobsters” at the Supermarket anywhere outside of Maine, you do not know how long they have been outside of their natural habitat. The difference in taste between “Supermarket Lobster” and Lobster Taxi’s is enormous. If someone has never had Lobster from Maine they may not ever find out how good they really are. This is one of the reasons Hunter started Lobster Taxi. He also offers the amazing, Maine Steamer Clams and Mussels. The Maine Desserts like, Whoopie Pies are also available on his site, LobsterTaxi.com

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