'Teen Mom 2' Premiere: Jenelle Decides To Have An Abortion

It's the trainwreck that will never end. "Teen Mom 2" returned for a FIFTH season, and things are not getting better for these not-so-teen moms. The new season picked up just after Jenelle Evans ended her marriage to Courtland Rogers, and then got the surprise of her life when she learned she was pregnant.

Not prepared for another child -- and freshly weaned off of heroin -- Jenelle decided she wanted to have an abortion. As always, Barbara was there with motherly words of wisdom. She told Jenelle she had to get on birth control after this procedure. "Should've put your priorities straight before and spent the $300 for birth control," Barbara told her daughter.

Afterward, Jenelle was "aggravated," which shows up on-screen as a lot of yelling at Barbara ... pretty much like most of her other emotions. Hollywood Life's Kristine Hope Kowalski felt bad for Barbara, writing, "Jenelle blows up at her mom after she took her to the abortion clinic and paid for her procedure, causing Babs to feel that Jenelle was ungrateful and constantly only seeking her help and money without wanting to hear her thoughts or advice.” She may be right, too, as it looks like Jenelle is pregnant again.

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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