‘Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Blows Up At Dr. Phil (VIDEO)

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham stopped by “Dr. Phil” Friday to clear up rumors about a sex tape.

Unfortunately, the doctor took the opportunity to hit her with some tough questions about her DUI arrest, and accused her of not taking responsibility for her actions.

"You would argue no matter what I said because you have a chip on your shoulder... you're upset because I ask questions you don't have good answers for," he said.

Abraham went on to tell Dr. Phil that she was sorry she came on the show, and a writer for Wet Paint pointed out that some might think the doctor went a little too far.

"Whether or not Farrah intended to drive under the influence is hardly relevant. The fact is she got behind the wheel after drinking, which is an arrestable offense," Wetpaint wrote of the incident, adding, "Then again, some may argue that Dr. Phil is being too harsh with this delicate flower."

The actress tweeted about her appearance on Friday with more than a touch of snark.

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