'Teen Mom' Stars' Big Salaries Revealed

'Teen Mom' Stars' Big Salaries Revealed

The stars of MTV's reality series 'Teen Mom' may complain they are broke, but Life & Style reports they earn big bucks. Not nearly as much as 'The Hills' stars made, but certainly more than their high school classmates earn flipping burgers.

Life & Style's press release follows:

"The Teen Mom stars earn $60,000 to $65,000 per season," a series insider tells Life & Style. It's enough to provide on-again, off-again couple Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley with comfortable lives--but neither one seems to be a good saver. "Gary says he's broke," Gary's best friend, Jordan Sanchez, tells Life & Style. "The money is the only reason he's willing to do the show. You can't walk away from money like that."

It's true--in fact, Jordan tells Life & Style that Amber and Gary have already started filming the next season of Teen Mom in Tennessee. Lately, they've talked about moving to Florida, where Amber's uncle owns a business.

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