Teen Mom : Five Reasons Why the Celebrity Weeklies are Obsessed with the MTV Reality Show

When Us Weekly covered the hit MTV show Teen Mom in August, it surprised many in the celebrity media industry.

Sure, we've heard of the show and knew it was doing well in the ratings -- but was it worth a full cover?

With newsstand sales reportedly crossing a million for the above Us Weekly cover, Teen Mom became an instant celebrity weekly hit.

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Fast forward to today and you'll see Teen Mom Amber covering two celebrity weeklies -- OK! and Life & Style.

For those of you who don't watch Teen Mom -- or for those of you who do and still don't get how they are appearing on the covers of celebrity weeklies -- here are five key reasons why editors are all over this hit MTV reality show.

1 -- Being a teen mom on its own is a dramatic story -- Readers are simply intrigued by the plight of a teen mom and how they cope with balancing school, their new babies and surviving. Indeed, I believe the first Us Weekly cover did so well because it could have simply been a real-life story -- so even if you never watched Teen Mom you would still be compelled to buy it because of the topic.

2 -- Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin paved the way -- When the world found out Jamie Lynn and Bristol were pregnant, their stories were huge. Obviously, celebrity editors turn to topics that work -- and readers can't get enough of teen moms!

3 -- Multiple characters -- Just like the Kardashians, there are multiple personalities in the Teen Mom soap opera providing endless fodder for celebrity weekly editors.

4 -- Babies sell celebrity weekly magazines -- Any editor will tell you a baby picture on a cover is always a strong option!

5 - Reality TV stars own the celebrity weeklies -- From the Kardashians to Kendra, reality stars continue to rule the celeb weeklies. Unlike the major A-listers like Brad & Angelina and Jennifer Aniston, these reality star open up their lives and reveal some pretty personal stuff -- making it easier to share stories that connect with readers.

What's Next?

Sister Wives -- watch out! You've already been inset on three of of the celebrity covers this week. Your full cover is coming!

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