This Teen Is A Prom Queen In Our Book After She Ditched The Dance For The Sweetest Reason

It's likely Josh Popkin's prom date swept him off his feet and took his breath away.

It's hard to be sure though, seeing as he spent his prom night reclined in a hospital bed with a collapsed lung. The junior at Sherwood High School in Olney, Md., had planned to attend prom at Baltimore's National Aquarium last Saturday with his girlfriend, Kasey Rosen, but a medical issue landed him in the hospital instead.

And even though Popkin told her to go to the aquarium without him, reports Fox 5, Rosen wasn't having any of it. Instead, she spent her prom night by his side -- in the hospital.

"We went through a lot together to get ready for the prom. I couldn’t have imagined going without him," Rosen told CBS Baltimore, adding, "When I told him I was going to come to the hospital in my dress he said 'I might actually pass out.' It was cute."

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A photo from the couple's prom night shows Rosen, clad in her prom dress, seated on the edge of the hospital bed. Popkin, wearing a matching bow tie, smiles at her side as an IV tube snakes into his arm.

Patch reports Popkin has undergone surgery and is doing well.

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