Innovative Teen Takes Michael B. Jordan Cardboard Cutout As Prom Date

The actor saluted her creation of a cardboard substitute as "commitment."

Why go to the prom alone when you can bring a cardboard cutout of your dream date instead?

Philadelphia high school senior Audeva Agyeman did just that. The teen took a life-sized cutout of “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan as her date.

On Tuesday morning, Agyeman tweeted some snapshots from prom night next to her delightful likeness of Jordan:

According to Essence, she created the Jordan cutout only because her initial date plans fell through.

“Well, I asked my friend Tyler and he couldn’t come because of college stuff,” Agyeman told the publication. “My other friend Dillon was going with someone else and everyone else said no because they thought it was weird to go to an all-girls school prom. So I decided, let me make a cardboard cutout because I’m always being unique so I knew this would stand out.”

When asked why she chose Jordan specifically, Agyeman told the publication her love for him began with his role on HBO’s “The Wire.”

Photos and videos of Agyeman at the prom with her cardboard Jordan have gone viral:

A lot of Twitter users have been really supportive of Agyeman’s story and celebrated her affection for Jordan:

As the teen tweeted, she’s eager to meet the actor in real life, and she doesn’t seem to be too far away from that goal.

Jordan commented on The Shade Room’s post of Agyeman with the cutout: “This is called commitment!”


One of Agyeman’s classmates even posted a video of the teen’s emotional reaction to Jordan seeing her with the cutout:

We hope for her sake that she gets to meet him one day. Good luck, Audeva!

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