Minnesota Teen With The Warmest Heart Is Sleeping Outside For Year To Help Homeless People

When temperatures in Minnesota dropped to minus 27 degrees recently, Rudy Hummel simply put on an extra fleece, filled an empty bottle with hot water and got cozy in the "snow cave" outside of his house.

The 17-year-old high schooler from Hermantown, Minn., has committed to sleeping outdoors every night for a year -- no matter the weather, KARE 11 reported. Hummel is using his "Snore Outdoors" mission to raise funds and awareness for Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit that builds shelters for the homeless, and the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, a group that protects migratory birds, according to his website.

teen outdoors

Last June, Hummel started his project by sleeping in a treehouse in his backyard. Once winter hit, the resourceful teen knew he had to improvise. He built a shelter made of frozen water crystals, known as a quinzhee, which is where he’s cuddling up every night.

teen outdoors

With the help of his concerned parents, Hummel is taking precautions to make sure he stays safe in the freezing temperatures. He has consulted with winter camping experts, uses a special outlet for lights and wears several layers of socks.

snore outdoors

As for his comfort level, Hummel says he’s doing just fine.

"I'm about as warm as I would be inside, I think," he told CNN. "But I haven't slept inside in so long that maybe that's not true."

You may get cold just thinking about Rudy Hummel’s selfless project, but getting involved could warm your heart right up. Find out how you can support his cause here.



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