Teen Strangles, Throws Cat For Eating Dog Food (NSFW VIDEO)

Teen Strangles, Throws Cat For Eating Dog Food (NSFW VIDEO)

An Ohio teen posted a video of himself strangling, then throwing a cat, police say.

The Cleveland Police Department is investigating the video, which appeared on the teen's Facebook before being taken down Saturday, News Net 5 reported.

The Huffington Post has edited the video to remove the teen's face because authorities say he is a juvenile. He hasn't yet been charged.

This video may be disturbing to some:

The video shows the teen grabbing the cat by the throat, apparently upset that the feline ate his dog food.

"You think it's a motherfucking game, huh?" the teen says. "Keep on eating my dog food. You hear me? I'll choke the shit out of your dumb ass."

The teen then appears to wind his arm back before launching the cat across the street.

The Cleveland Police Department and Animal Protective League are now investigating the incident, but haven't made an arrest.

"We received numerous calls from the community and also from around the country," Cleveland APL CEO Sharon Harvey told WKYC. "We had dozens of calls on our Human Investigation Hotline."

On his Facebook page, the teen appears to brag about the video and dismisses those speaking out against him.

"28 shares [on that video]," he says in one post. "In all 40 people sent me friend request in 6 minutes. I think that was somebody [sic] cat, oh shit that cat might of [sic] been famous" he says in another post.

The teen's Facebook page has since been taken down.

Thankfully, investigators said they may have found the abused cat. More from WKYC:

Humane officers searched the neighborhood and found a tiny cat they named Clarissa. They're confident, but not completely sure she's the cat in the video.

Beside a scuffed up nose, she's doing well thanks to the people who cared enough to report the abuse.

The APL said that once the case is closed, Clarissa will be put up for adoption.

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