Teen Suspect Sought In Disturbing Cat-Throwing Video

Ontario, California, police say they have identified the suspect but have not yet found him.

Ontario, California, police said Sunday they are still seeking a teen who threw a kitten in a sickening viral video.

The cat, a rescue named Spots, was treated at an animal hospital for a broken leg and possible internal injuries.

The clip, which was shared all over social media, showed the teen hurling the cat 15 to 20 yards onto a paved road. The cat yowled in pain as it hit the ground.

The Ontario Police Department noted in a release that it had identified the 16-year-old suspect but hadn’t found him. The department tweeted Sunday that the investigation was ongoing and sought the public’s help in locating the perpetrator.

“I just want him to know he hurt a victim that can’t defend itself,” Spot’s owner told the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles.

Neighbors said the suspect mills about in the area. “He hangs around here in the alley all the time,” Oscar Ramos told the CBS affiliate. “Bunch of little kids doing drugs. They think they’re cool. He probably did it just to look cool on video.”



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