Teen Sweethearts Reunited 70 Years Later

Teen Sweethearts Reunited 70 Years Later

The notion of love conquering all never rang truer than for former high school sweethearts Betty Hove, 85, and John Grosch, 87. According to ABC News, the couple, who met in California when Grosch was working at a grocery store, lost touch after Grosch enlisted in the Navy during World War II. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Hove recently reconnected with her former flame just in time for Valentine's Day.

"I never got over this guy. He was always tucked away in the corner of my heart," Hove told an ABC affiliate. Watch the above video to hear more about their planned reunion.

And this isn't the only adorable story of reunited high school sweethearts popping up in the news today: The New London Patch reports the heartwarming story of 57-year-old Danny Rakow and 56-year-old Teresa Bianco (now Teresa Rakow), who first met at a high school dance. 40 years later, Teresa found Danny on Facebook and began corresponding to catch up. They fell madly in love all over again and two years later, the couple got engaged. Click here to see their photos from then and now.

There are also a few celebs who have teenage romance stories of their own. Despite achieving fame, Jon Bon Jovi, Eli Manning, and LeBron James are just a few of the select group who ended up with their high school sweethearts.

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