How Mindfulness Meditation Can Benefit Troubled Teens


When we think of mindfulness meditation, the image of a teenager struggling through high school probably doesn't spring to mind. But after a particularly difficult year, Jalia enrolled in her former English teacher Caren McDonald's mindfulness elective course and benefited far more from the lessons than she ever expected. The pair joined HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd to discuss how mindfulness meditation has made a difference in Jalia's life.

"It helps you with everything else in the rest of your life, so I see myself continuing it because it empowers me and because it helps me to express my emotions and just be calm, even though that's not the main thing -- it's self awareness," Jalia said.

McDonald is elated that her class has had such a profound impact on Jalia.

"I'm not the only teacher on campus who feels that she has transformed," said McDonald. "There's a lot of us, teachers and administrators alike, who are just so happy for her because she deserves the best. She's one of our more talented students, and she's applying to Howard University, and she would be our first acceptance into Howard if she gets in, and I'm just tickled pink and proud of her."

To hear more about how mindfulness can benefit the younger generations, watch the full HuffPost Live clip in the video above.

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