Teen Sends Mind-Blowing Number Of Text Messages, Dad Shares Photo With The Internet

LOOK: Dad Shares Photo Of Daughter's MIND-BLOWING Cell Phone Activity

In March, a report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project ranked text messaging as the number one mode of communication among teenagers. The results revealed that kids ages 12 to 17 text a median of 60 times a day. Based on one dad’s experience, however, that finding may be a wild underestimate.

Reddit user, KidQuantum, uploaded a photo of his daughter's cellphone activity for a 28-day span. The number of texts she sent and received in that time is mind blowing:

Another Redditor calculated that if KidQuantum's daughter sleeps for eight hours a day, she sends or receives a text every two minutes while she is awake. Naysayers took issue with the math and speculated about whether the report is accurate, but others pointed out that they knew teens who seemed to be sending just as many texts per second.

"That is not nearly as uncommon as you would believe. My younger sister, who is 18 now. [sic] She sends and receives at a minimum 40k text messages a month. I am digging through old phone bills for proof," user Hoed wrote.

Research shows that this level of obsession with texting isn't necessarily far-fetched for teens. In a survey of more than 1,000 13- to 18-year-olds nationwide conducted by Common Sense Media, 41 percent said they were addicted to their mobile devices.

Putting aside questions about the psychological or developmental ramifications of so much texting (that's what our Screen Sense studies page is for) we definitely think KidQuantum should be thankful that his daughter is on an unlimited plan.

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