Why A Teen Says She Doesn't Want To Be Associated With Her Family

Marie, 15, is a straight-A student, state-ranked diver, and a talented musician who has outbursts at home during which she becomes enraged and out of control. Her parents claim she's the cause of all their family's problems, but Marie says she is provoked, ridiculed, yelled at and abused by her family on a daily basis.

"My father has been calling me names since elementary school," says Marie, who claims in the video above that he has punched her and slapped her multiple times and, according to her, even has said he wants to murder her. "I don't really trust my mom. She calls me insane all the time," Marie adds. "I don't like to use the word family; they’re just the people I live with. I don’t really want to be associated with them.”

Marie’s parents asked that Dr. Phil place cameras in their home so he could see what daily life is like; watch the disturbing and shocking footage above.

Dr. Phil tells Marie, "Your behavior is absolutely outrageous." But, after watching the footage and seeing her parents' combative relationship with each other and with their kids, he says, "I didn't ask myself why you're screaming and raging like a wild woman ... I ask myself why wouldn't you do it? It is absolutely outrageous, but I totally get it. I think you are so frustrated with these people that the reason you scream that loud is because you don't know how to scream louder!"

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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