Teen Wolf 404: "The Benefactor"

Over at tvtag we were really looking forward to finally meeting the Benefactor in this week's Teen Wolf. Sadly that proved to be a bit of a tease, though I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised. Caution, some spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Teen Wolf Episode 404, "The Benefactor."

Scott needs to seriously practice this whole "Whoops, you're a Teen Wolf" speech for next time. It was frustrating to watch how badly he continued to botch telling Liam the news of his transformation. I breathed a sigh of relief when Scott finally managed to tell him in a way that didn't send Liam literally running for the hills (again).


Malia and Kira continue to wile their way into my heart. As much as I want to stay true to Allison's memory, these girls are doing everything they can to fill her combat boots. Kira's epic flirt-fail (flirt-fall?) was the stuff of everyone's nightmares and her quick recovery shows how sharp and capable this girl can be when she doesn't doubt herself.

Malia and Stiles' scenes together this week were sweet and dangerous and I'll take more of that, please. I like a Stalia that's on equal footing where it's not about which one of them is smarter, braver, or better-acclimated to modern society. When these two team up for a common goal and share real, honest moments with one another it makes for great TV.


The freshman class at Beacon Hills will not be ignored. There was an open snort of derision when I saw these kids lament they have no social lives, but okay Teen Wolf I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that these three beautiful, put together people are socially shunned to the point of spending their Friday nights at home watching movies and hoping against hope they'll get invited to upperclassmen parties.


Too bad they only want to go to those parties so they can kill werewolves! Why did Violet have to kill the keg-delivery guy? Really? Bad form, newbies -- not a good way to endear yourselves at your new school, although Mason gets bonus points for helping Lydia deal with oddly-placed, artistically silent scenes and red wine spilled on white carpet.

And lastly, can we pleeease get a Derek/Peter/Stilinski spin-off? Or at the very least, a weekly mystery / detective story kind of web series? MTV needs to get on this.


Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV, images used with express permission.