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'Teen Wolf' Star Explains Why She Decided To Leave The Show

MTV shocked "Teen Wolf" fans when the show killed off one of its main characters on Monday, March 17.

Beware of spoilers ahead!

Badass arrow-wielding Allison Argent was the show's latest victim when she sustained a fatal sword wounds at Oni's hands. In a heartbreaking scene, she called Scott "my first love" and bled out in his arms.

Crystal Reed, who played Argent for three seasons, told EW that it was her decision to leave the show. "I cannot be more grateful for what the show has given me,” she said. “It’s given me such a platform to be a role model, to be seen, to be heard and, actually, from the beginning, I’ve grown into a woman from the show -- from beginning to end -- and I think that was the biggest motivating factor for me to leave. I feel that there’s nothing more that I can give to this character.”

The 29-year-old also noted that she was ready to move past "Teen Wolf." "I think the age difference was something I wanted to change as well because she's 17," she said. Reed said she doesn't have any future projects in the works at the moment, but is looking for something where she can "tell a great story."

Allison's death shook the Twitterverse and "#RIPAllison" began trending after the show aired. MTV asked fans to share their memories of Allison online, prompting an outpouring from viewers.

Woof. What an episode.

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