'Teen Wolf': Death Of A Major Character, And A Huge Revelation About Scott (VIDEO)

Kali and her packmates wanted to prove that the Alpha pack meant business on "Teen Wolf," and they chose a bloody way to do it. After Boyd came up with a potentially brilliant idea to protect Derek from their attack, it all fell apart when Kali and the twins cut the power. So it was time to fight.

Unfortunately, Derek and his pack were no match for the Alphas. The Alphas quickly gained the upper hand, and then Kali drove home her point. With Derek still wolfed out, she had her own pack hold his hands up. She then embedded Boyd onto Derek's claws, gutting him.

Boyd bled out as the Alpha pack left with an ultimatum. Derek had until the next full moon to join the pack, or she would come back and kill them all.

“Gah. That's they only world we can manage to squeak out after ... the heartbreaking, devastating death of a major character," wrote E! Online about the loss of Boyd. Buddy TV called it heartbreaking as well, but said that they saw it coming. “Boyd was the merest sketch of a character, a strong silent type who basically just stood around towering over things without speaking lines of dialogue," they noted. "He lifted right out.”

Boyd's death wasn't the only big moment in the episode, though. As Hollywood Life pointed out, Scott was revealed as a "true Alpha," something that only happens once every 100 years or so. He elevated to that status based on his character alone. He also learned that Derek isn't the real target after all. He is.

The danger and drama continue on "Teen Wolf," Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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