Teenage Boys in Skirts Restored Our Faith in Humanity

Earlier this month hemlines were high at Colégio Pedro II in Brazil. After seeing their transgender classmate Maria Muniz get suspended for wearing a skirt to school, the boys and girls of the school all wore skirts to show their support. As you can see from the photo that quickly went viral, transgender advocacy has never looked better.


Thanks to the efforts of these awesome teenagers and pleated fabric, the suspension was overruled, and, according to Globo, the school district is reconsidering the dress code in place. Outside the Colégio Pedro II community others are showing their support by using the hashtag #VouDeSaia.

This is quite a win after the news of a not-so-friendly wardrobe change by students at Commack High School. As a "joke" the students took two photos donning T-shirts spelling out the word "RAPE." The first photo showed the students standing side-by-side spelling out "RAPE?" The second, even more disturbing photo that was tweeted replaced the question mark with a period, spelling out "RAPE." That photo featured a person lying on the ground with arms bound.


It seems that these boys could take a lesson from the students of at Colégio Pedro II. The takeaway? Advocacy looks good on everyone.