Teenage Food: Dinner Recipes That Picky Teenagers Will Stomach (PHOTOS)

We'll all get through this together.

At some point in our lives, a teenager will get invited to one of our dinner parties. They will likely be the child or sibling of one of our dear friends, and feeding them can sometimes feel difficult. Maybe you are the parent/sibling/friend of a teenager who is a great eater, one who loves to experiment with foods and will eat anything set in front of them. Congratulations! You can stop reading now and check out one of our other many recipe collections full of delicious things to cook up. For those of you responsible for feeding picky eaters, we're here for you. Read on!

Playing host to many different kinds of taste buds can be tricky, and is (because we are huge nerds) one of our favorite puzzles to solve in life. Most of the pickiest young adults we know will eat a very simple menu of things, which is actually great for the host of a dinner party, because sometimes simple food is most satisfying food. As you know, we have our own opinions on picky eaters, but we also know that dinner party is no place to challenge your guests' taste buds, no matter what their age. Best case scenario here is that you feed everyone well, if without fireworks or show-stopping fanfare, and you spare those responsible for the picky eater the embarrassment of them not eating the food before them.

We've pulled together a few of our favorite menu ideas that are adaptable for both picky and non-picky eaters. We've even thrown in some vegetables just in case. Those of you frequently cooking for picky eaters: how do you handle it? Let us know your favorite picky-teenager-friendly dishes in the comments, and we'll all get through this together.

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Whiskey-Cheese Fondue

What To Eat When A Picky Teenager Comes To Dinner