21 Disgusting Eating Habits We Got Away With As Teenagers

If you could eat like a teenager again, would you?

If given the chance, few people would choose to return to their teenage years. Being a teenager is really tough -- you're insecure, your body is changing, you have ungodly amounts of homework and way too much TV to watch. And your parents just don't understand.

Fortunately, the one saving grace about being a teenager is that your metabolism allows you to eat pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want. You could scarf down entire bags of chips before going to sports practice, and stuff yourself with pizza before going home to eat dinner.

Only teenagers can make daily trips to the vending machine and shove down a bag of M&Ms and a Twix and a bag of pretzels and still be okay. It's all so bad it's so, so good -- so good in fact that it may be enough to convince us re-doing our teenage years isn't such a bad idea after all.

Here are 21 food times you knew you were a teenager.

This was breakfast.
If you are still eating Pop Tarts after you turn 18, you need to reevaluate your life.
You took daily trips to the vending machine.
Larsen & Talbert via Getty Images
And you always got more than one thing.
You ate Bagel Bites. A lot.
Bagel Bites
You ate them any time.
You ate entire jars of Tostitos cheese dip.
Facebook/TOSTITOS Salsa Con Queso Dip
You did this almost every day.
You ate a massive after-school snack right before dinner.
Bob Stevens via Getty Images
Because you were starving when you got home from school, and you knew you'd be just as starving by dinner time.
These were in your weekly rotation.
Hot Pockets were a perfectly acceptable after-school snack or late night treat. (In case you're wondering, they're unacceptable for anyone who refers to himself as an adult.)
You drank entire liters of Mountain Dew.
The Mountain Dew was for washing down your large bag of sour cream and onion potato chips while watching The X Files.
You drank Slurpees.
And you drank them almost every day.
You ate this.
Cheese from a can. Cheese. From. A. Can.
You ate Flamin' Hot Cheetos while driving in your car.
And you turned the steering wheel orange.
It was all about Gatorade and Powerade.
Paul Johnson via Getty Images
Is it in you?
You ate Pizza Rolls.
In fact, you ate so many pizza-flavored snacks. Fortunately one of the great parts of adulthood is moving away from the pizza snacks and actually enjoying the wonders of REAL pizza.
You ate cookie dough from the tube while watching TV.
You didn't just take a few bites when you were making cookies. Baking was never part of the equation.
You never got sick of trying to get through a whole jawbreaker.
Miraculously, you just kept trying.
You ate Dunkaroos.
Need we say more?
You drank so much Capri Sun.
You had no idea what a "green juice" was, and even if you did, it didn't matter. You had Capri Suns.
Cheez Whiz. Just Cheez Whiz.
Kraft Foods
Oh boy.
Lunch was just a plate of French fries.
Foodcollection RF via Getty Images
And only French fries.
This was your post-work out snack.
Because why wouldn't you have a coke and chocolate chip cookies after a run?
You had no idea what this was.
Yagi Studio via Getty Images
Water? What's water?
You ate all the sour gummy candy you could get your hands on.
Carol Browne/Flickr
We're not sure why, but you did, and so did we.

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