TeenNick's 'Rocko's Modern Life' April Fools' Day Prank Turns Out To Just Be Mayonnaise (VIDEO)

TeenNick had a special April Fools' prank for its loyal viewers Sunday night. As part of their late-night '90s block, they claimed to unearth a never-before-seen episode of "Rocko's Modern Life." Airing at midnight the night of March 31, viewers who tuned in to see the secret gem were instead treated to a static image of mayonnaise.

It was the network's April Fools' Day prank. And it did have a "Rocko" connection. The half-hour of mayonnaise was a callback to an actual episode of "Rocko's Modern Life." In "Wacky Delly," the show-within-the-show aired 10 minutes of mayo. So this was just three times more awesome than that!

As a reward for those who stuck through the static shot of mayo, or perhaps as explanation as to what that was all about, TeenNick followed up their prank by airing "Wacky Delly" in its entirety.

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