This Snow Shark Blows Your Snowman Out Of The Water


A snow sculpture crafted by three teens in Minnesota is about to put all other snowmen to shame.

Created by Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz of New Brighton, the snow shark is about 10 feet tall.

In total, the snow creature took about 95 hours to build, KARE 11 reports. The fins and tail alone required 10 hours.

The unique sculpture is the latest snow art created by the Bartz family. The three brothers began molding elaborate snow sculptures in the winter several years back. During previous seasons, the teens made a giant puffer fish and a walrus.

"We like to see people’s enjoyment, and we like to see people smile, take pictures," Connor Bartz told CBS Minnesota, adding that the activity is a good way to spend time together.

The brothers posted a video showing how they made the sculpture on their YouTube channel, Bartz Outdoors.

Check out the progression of the snow shark below.

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