11 Teens You Should Follow On Instagram Immediately

11 Teens You Should Follow On Instagram Immediately

Instagram's the new shopping mall; it's where all the cool kids are hanging out. But in a sea of selfies and mediocre sunsets on the beach, how do you find the teens with the coolest Instagram pages? We've saved you the trouble and gathered some of the best teen Instagrammers the Internet has to offer.

1. Ryan Parrilla, @novess

This 15-year-old New York-based photographer has already caught the eye of nearly 48k followers with beautiful shots of nature and city life.

2. Jules Spector, @jules.spector

Fourteen-year-old Jules is already a feminist activist, working as a teen advisor for the @girlupcampaign and blogging at Teen Feminist. Her Instagram tracks her travels and activism.

3. Mark Otto, @markotto

Ohio teen Mark Otto shows high school life in bright pop colors. Everyday knick-knacks transform into instant art!

4. Alana Smith, @alanasmithskate

Fourteen-year-old Alana Smith is the world's most popular skater girl. Last year, Smith earned a Guinness World Record for being the youngest X Games medalist in history. She gives fans a peek into her world of skating, fashion and assorted badassness.

5. Prince Sarmah, @prince_sarmah

Prince's Instagram offers candid moments from his life in Assam, India.

6. The Sizoo brothers: Bob, Willem and Bastiaan Sizoo, @bob_sizoo, @willemsizoo, @bastiaansizoo

Okay, it's a 3-for-1, because we couldn't pick which Sizoo brother we liked best! An eye for photography runs in the family as can be seen in these gorgeous photographs.

7. Nic Tullis, @nic_tullis

Nic Tullis' Instagram page captures the sights of St. Louis, Missouri with a special focus on showing the face of St. Louis' homeless population.

Sixteen-year-old Tina's a vegan who is cooking up some of the most beautiful refined sugar-free meals on Instagram for her nearly 57k followers. Tina's photos are influenced by her health conscious approach to eating.

“I think sometimes that people (me included) get so caught up on having what some might regard as the perfect and healthy diet, that they forget that it is also very important to have a healthy mentality towards food and not be obsessive," she told BuzzFeed.

9. Gigi Crouch, @scolerina

Ballerina Gig Crouch was diagnosed with scoliosis and was put in a back brace at age 13. On her Instagram page, beautiful photos of her dancing prove that a diagnosis doesn't have to limit your dreams.

10. Hailey Luntz, @haicat

Hailey Luntz is like the awesome doodler you love sitting next to in class, but darker and way more talented.

11. Luis Ruiz, @literaluis

Seventeen-year-old Mexican artist Luis Ruiz uses Instagram to showcase his cartoons, doodles and day-to-day sights.

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