5 Hacks to Make Your Summer More Worthwhile

According to Peter Orzag of Bloomberg, the average U.S. child becomes "dumber and fatter" during summer vacation. Upon reading this, I was slightly shocked but mostly disappointed. How can so many people be fine with wasting their summers away?

Summer break can last anywhere from two to four months -- you could potentially learn a new language or perfect a skill during this precious time, while still relaxing, de-stressing and recharging for the upcoming school year.

The following are five hacks that you can implement into your summer routine to make the most of your break.

1. Don't sleep in too late. Have a routine. This is a crucial step for maximizing your time.

2. Read! During the school year we are required to read tons of books, many of which we aren't interested in reading. I always felt I didn't have time to read books that I actually wanted to read. Use summer as a time to pleasure read.

3. Make goals, and meet them. These can be completely unrelated to your school studies, like learning how to develop film pictures, or perfecting the art of curling your hair.

4. Teach yourself a new skill. During the school year it can be hard to concentrate on things other than academics, so use summer vacation to focus on things you truly enjoy. You have so much empty time, and it's super satisfying.

5. Be active. Find a physical activity you enjoy, it doesn't have to be a sport. Go for a walk, hike a new trail, take a Zumba class, or finally learn how to rollerblade! Being active makes you feel good and is good for you too.

My main point: Don't be lazy. Don't let summer make you dumber.