Teens' Reactions To Grace Helbig Prove Why She's A YouTube Star

It looks like Grace Helbig just gained a few fans.

In a new video from the Fine Brothers' “React” series, teens check out some of Grace’s videos. For those who didn’t already know about her Internet fame (and more than 2 million YouTube subscribers), the YouTube star makes a good first impression.

“I don’t know who she is, but I love her,” one of the teens says.

A couple of videos and lots of laughs later, the teens open up about why Grace is so entertaining. Whether they are new fans or have watched her videos before, they're all hooked on her sense of humor. Many feel like they can relate to her. One teen respects the way she “doesn’t try to be something that she’s not.”

After hearing that Grace landed a late-night talk show on E!, the teens say they plan on tuning in for more of her wit and confidence. According to one of them, Grace’s newest platform is definitely something she’s earned.

“I totally think she deserves it.”

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