Teens Break Down Nick Jonas' 'Jealous' Lyrics In Case You Were Confused

As the title suggests, Nick Jonas' hit "Jealous," is all about the singer being... well, jealous. But in case you need clarity about the song's meaning, allow these teens to clear things up.

The Fine Brothers recently had teens decipher the lyrics of the uber popular song -- but they weren't told what the title was or who performs it. While some of the participants were surprised to learn that the former Jo Bro was the voice behind the song, the major takeaways from "Jealous" were clear: 1.) Nick Jonas is very, very jealous and 2.) this relationship probably isn't the healthiest.

"It's not fair. She's not your possession," commented one teen. "You can't tell her what to do."

"She's not an object. She's a human being." agreed another. "He's treating her like she's an object. I didn't think about that before."

Warning: The video below contains some strong language.

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