'Teens React' To Nirvana 20 Years After Kurt Cobain's Death, And Half Of Them Don't Know What Grunge Is

Two decades ago, the world lost a 27-year-old musician whose band was on almost every radio station, walkman, CD player and speaker across the globe. We are, of course, speaking about Kurt Cobain, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Nirvana.

While Cobain and Nirvana are still widely known and appreciated to this day by music lovers of all ages, the latest episode of "Teens React" from The Fine Brothers delves into what a younger generation thinks about, and possibly even know about, one of the defining icons of the "grunge music" scene in the 90's.

Interestingly enough, while most know Nirvana, and appreciate their music, many of them are not as familiar with "grunge" or the passing of Cobain.

Watch and see for yourself some of the age and cultural divides and connections that occur when these teens are quizzed and asked for insight about the band above.



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