Teens Are Totally Weirded Out By 'Weird Al' Yankovic

If you've ever enjoyed a parody video on YouTube, you may owe 'Weird Al' Yankovic a thank you.

The musician was one of the first artists to ever make a career out of parodying other musicians' work. Years later, the trend of parody videos caught on thanks to YouTube and other video content channels, but 'Weird Al' deserves some credit for kicking things off.

In the most recent installment of The Fine Bros "teens react" series, a group of teenagers watched 'Weird Al' Yankovic videos, both old and new.

"Can we replace Iggy Azalea with 'Weird Al'?" One asked upon seeing Yankovic's parody of "Fancy."

But some kids were totally baffled by the star's take on today's pop hits.

"I have no idea who he is," one teen said.

Hilariously, the group was only reacting to some of 'Weird Al''s most recent work. You would probably be even more confused (and weirded out) if you came across some of his classic earlier videos, which you can check out here.



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