Teens Find And Return Lost Wallet Containing More Than $700 In Cash

For most teens, $700 is a fairly unimaginable sum. But that didn't stop four kids in Great Falls, Mont., from returning the money when they found it.

On June 22, Olson and her cohorts Sean Morris, Korey Thompson, and Alison Taylor — all between the ages of 13 and 14 — were en route to a basketball game when they saw Chance Cleveland's wallet lying near the train tracks.

Cleveland, an 18-year-old employee at Cold Stone Creamery, hadn't even realized his wallet was missing until an officer came to return it.

"He gave me my wallet and every dime was there," said Cleveland.

He found out who the good Samaritans were from a friend who'd overheard the teens discussing how they'd found the wallet, and decided to reward them.

Though the foursome admitted that it was tempting to keep the money, they ultimately decided to call police.

"We just decided to do a good deed," Thompson said.

Another teen felt the same way back in April when she found a wallet while waiting for her school bus — and received a $100 thank you from its owner upon its return.

In another act of altruism, a beachgoer in California found a wallet with $10,000 and gave it back to its thankful owner.

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